Plant with a thousand powers, cannabis ensures an intense cell regeneration and perfect skin protection. Scientifically known for its calming properties, cannabis is bursting with powerful antioxidants, is antiseborrhoeic and fights the effects of pollution thanks to its proven skin conditioning and protecting virtues*.

Years of research

Cannabis is composed of some one hundred different cannabinoids. Since their discovery in the 1940s, researchers around the world have been studying their therapeutic potential and mechanisms of action in the human body. Laboratoires VIRISENS have focused their research on their multiple scientifically-proven benefits on skin health to develop an ultra-innovative range revealing the efficacy of this new partner in beauty.

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Environmental aggressions damage skin cells

Environmental aggressions create oxidative stress that damages skin cells, causing premature ageing. Over the years, micro inflammations  attack our dermis, weakening the cells’ defenses. Poorly protected, the skin becomes dehydrated, it slackens, and wrinkles appear.

Cannabis: a wealth of benefits for the skin

  • A plant bursting with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties
  • A proven action on the neutralisation of sebum hypersecretion
  • A perfect ratio of omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids
  • An unparalleled concentrate of vitamins E, A, B1, B2, and B6

Thanks to the synergy between the active ingredients derived from Cannabis Sativa and all the other latest-generation ingredients used in each formulation, the antioxidant and calming power of VIRISENS products is increased tenfold.

  • Pioneering the development of skincare formulas using Biotech CBD®

  • Cannabidiol, abbreviated as CBD, is the rising star of cannabinoids. It is one of over 100 compounds found in the cannabis plant. Absolutely non-psychoactive, the unprecedented effects of this molecule makes it the main used active ingredient in medical cannabis.

  • Laboratoires VIRISENS have focused their research on CBD multiple scientifically-proven benefits on skin health to formulate advanced skincare formulas. The choice of pharmaceutical-grade BIOTECH CBD®  appeared as the obvious cosmetics ingredient to deliver safe and optimal results.

  • Because it is undiluted, this last generation active ingredient has an incredible powerful effect on the skin. From defying the signs of aging to restoring natural glow, pharmaceutical grade BIOTECH CBD® is 100% pure and can be combined to suit any skin type or concern.
  • VIRISENS high potency formulas are concentrated in pure actives and are proven to penetrate lastingly into skin.

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